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Friday, July 27, 2012


Injection number Three! I've got 45 more to go! Not so bad i think.

Whoa ten minutes....a little longer than i'd thought...but then again it's hard to keep a thought going in a sentence. If you haven't noticed i don't edit the footage, it's raw for better or worse.

one of the big misunderstandings about Hep C usually is regarding not only transfer but also the types of people who get it.  A big misunderstanding about the virus is association, It's a general assumption that most people with the virus are  drug addicts, felons, or other society deviants.

I mean, i'm freakin' weird, but i got it through vertical transfer, through my mother. Who most likely got it when she worked in the medical industry back in the 70s.

And of course the big misconception: transference. Hep C is Blood to Blood ONLY. which means the only way it's an STD is if you're having some bloody sex on both parts.

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