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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gams like hams

Recently I had a brush with one of the more odd symptoms of worsening liver disease. While my ascites has not been a constant obstacle in my life it does randomly present some odd challenges. Like tying my shoes, my stomach area is so rigid that it’s difficult to bend down. It’s as if I were either pregnant or weighed a hundred pounds more. Over the last few months my legs have been getting worse and worse. My skin brittle and lacking the elasticity it once had prior to treatment has been struggling with  my legs swelling up. Last night the swelling was so bad I was unable to move my ankles properly, it was as if I were wearing two casts that were part of my body.  After lots of rest, water and exercise my legs got to the point where I could walk, drive and function normally. Running is still out of the question. Imagine someone hot gluing then duct taping two Ziploc bags of water to your feet, that’s what it feels like.

 I went to Urgent care where in I found out, this is in fact a result of my decompensating liver. They will probably be tapping me soon in attempt to ease the ascites (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ascites) my hope is that the rx they gave me will also decrease the leg swelling. It’s actually immobilizing, and I’d rather avoid it if at all possible. Additionally it on reinforces the rationale behind getting in shape, if I’m in shape this shit happens less.

I'll know more sometime today(friday 1/16) th