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Monday, November 4, 2013

Positively mad!



This is the drug combo I’ve been talking about/waiting for. Since I’m banned from injectables due to the whole potentially dying thing… this is my ticket.

The idea has been around for a while, but no pharma company really was in a place to jump onto it. focus on the virus rather than the host. That being said reading between the lines on this article illuminates a major issue when it comes to drug therapies. Business collusion, and profit driven cures.
While yes I’m glad there is a cure around the corner I can take it’s distressing to know that so many people will be unable to afford it. People who are in those dire straits the cost become a cost effectiveness evaluation of their own life. Breaking Bad did an amazing job of illuminating the emotional and psychological process and ramifications of this nonsense.
It’s an amazing show if you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend it.
On the note of affordability Please remember sign ups are two months away for the liver life walk! The foundation uses proceeds for all kinds of liver operations/treatments and support services.
This last weekend my leg was going out of control again. Drink water, take vitamins and pass the pain on later with some Soma. While muscle relaxers do help ease the pain, they deal damage to my liver, so it doesn’t so much get rid of the pain so much as it just spreads it out over more areas over a longer period of time.
Weekends previous I was absolutely delighted to see one of my best friends marry the love of his life. It was a beautiful little ceremony, different than I thought he’d go with, but it was nice and fun. I can’t wait until he has a kid or six.
Similarly, Disneyland again…it’s been sooooo long! People often ask how I can go back to the same place, hundreds of times and not get bored of it. The beauty of Disneyland is just that. It’s always the same place. No matter how much of it changes, no matter how the world moves around it, it remains Disneyland. It is a happy place, a place where everyone’s inner child can come out for a day. For those not dragged along just going for the sake of going… you can see how thrilled, how excited each person is. And it’s infectious, with so many people, so happy.. it’s just wonderful. It’s just my cup of tea.

BACK TO TREATMENT…. Soon I will know more information regarding treatment, when and how everything is going to happen.
I have to move around a lot of things to figure out when its best to start, but it will be soon.

Because I’m late, I’m late, you see. I’ve got life behind that little door, and I think I’ve finally found the right bottle and key. It’s not impossible…just impassable.