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Friday, August 3, 2012

Inject me, so i can get my...satisfaction.

I starting filming, initially, and i lost connection, and during all this chaos i rocketed out my guts into the bowl via the express-lane that incivek has built in my colon.

So unfortunately, you only have the aftermath.

In either case BLAMO Injection number four, putting me in week four of forty eight.

Next week i find out some results, and the week following i find out my viral load, and then i find out what all this shit on my liver means.

lots of new questions...and weeks for answers... but in the mean time, let the anemia kick in.

My level of exhaustion is at a point where exercise can help overcome it a bit, where diet and my attitude still has an effect, so here goes to hoping it stays this way.

Last needle of the box!

The moved ultrasounds over here, this won't be awkward at all... thankfully Torbad came with me (my car wouldn't start so he graciously gave me lift), so two men walking into this center...seems like a good place to pick up chicks....

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  1. Not many people would have the idea or gutts to video blog on the toilet. But your not just anybody, your Ric. :-)