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Monday, July 23, 2012


The second injection was more challenging than the first but nothing unexpected. As the weekend has passed, it went better than expected, except the ass pain.

I have a hard time finding the words to perfectly convey exactly what this ass pain feels like, but it never stops. It does get muffled by other symptoms, this weekend I was especially tired and lightheaded. Under normal circumstances I would have suspected I was bleeding internally, but I’m on treatment so anemia is to be expected. Well… apparently in the cornucopia of things I consume in the morning and evening I forgot the one that lowers my blood pressure, thus slowing and halting the blood loss. Today I took off from work as sick leave expecting to be practically bed-ridden, and low and behold I pretty much am.

It’s a gentle line I have to walk with this, because if I’m bleeding internally they have to band me (they tie off the bleeding veins in my esophagus and let them die off) which is a painful experience in itself, let alone now that I’m hypersensitive, additionally if the bleeding is at a critical level (where I could die from the blood loss) pausing my treatment could be considered…and that isn’t going to happen.

I know what some of you are thinking, “Wait, but you could die from the blood loss.” But see… I’ve had so many cases of internal bleeding I can tell where and if it’s manageable or not. Luckily for me the bleeding has stopped, and I’ll just be light-headed for the next day or so.

In any case, sleep has been the biggest part of my entire weekend.

I also learned this weekend that if I don’t re-apply SPF45 every hour or so, I’m going to burn. If I’m out in the sun for longer than ten minutes I burn.

Also: Please sign the petition below, RX companies need to be reminded that profits aren’t all they’re after.


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