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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Case Of The Mondays

My first weekday on the treatment went smoother than I expected. I managed to wake up, take my medication, and get to work at a reasonable time. While I was slammed at work, I had come in expecting to be required to work overtime, thankfully that wasn't the case and I was able to leave at a normal time.

I had to watch my temper several times, as I noticed a new symptom; pointless rage. While the last two times I noticed a drop in testosterone, this time it feels like my testosterone levels have risen. The result: I have to watch my mouth, or I’m going to say some really stupid things.

I've also noticed a less interesting symptom, while before my stomach only hurt when nearing empty, instead it just hurt. The pain was akin to how I imagine having a freaked out puffer fish in my stomach would feel. My sides felt even more intense shots of pain throughout the day, and I could not stop farting.

Swear to God, I’ve never had so much gas in my life. I’ve decided to add eggs and cheese to my morning diet, so that I can stop eating this crap for my mandatory 20g of fat. The crap I’m referring to is crumb donuts, cinnamon rolls and PBnJs. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good PBnJ, but I’d like to enjoy them after treatment.

I powered through work and managed to get through my first work day on treatment.

I’m working on figuring out how I want to set up the vlog, but I’m hoping to stream it live for ya, Friday nights from 7-8, right after my injection. 

New Symptoms: rage, more gas, puffer fish stomach, achy-breaky sides, oh and a super cool random five minute headache that comes and goes each hour and feels like someone is stabbing a random part of my brain. 

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