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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Holy shits

Okay, the pain in and around my ass right now is ridiculous. It feels like i spent an hour sandpapering  my asshole and then i have a tiny fart based robot randomly applying lemon and jalapeno to remind me that the pain is still there if i forget. I have to take Metamucil now at 6am, and at 7pm on the dot, if i don't... well...Inside wants out. On a walk today i had forgotten to take my Metamucil and just took my pills, the sensations came to bubble. It was like that restless kid on a roller coaster that was at the end of the ride slowly approaching the station of my ass, rearing to leave the safety harness was barely proving itself under the circumstances and the heat, the heat were like the screams as he, trying to break free, explains his excitement for the next roller coaster, already on the horizon.

Except the train and child are a mass of hot magma, a fecal torrent of despair, and  the unholy remnants of the pills burning the walls as it travels. the safety harnesses are my soon weary muscles struggling against the odds to keep in, what so obviously wants out.

TLDR; i'm installing a seat belt on my toilet, because it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

I should learn how to make a mature filter on some of these posts.

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