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Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 3

Saturday night, I decided I’d be bold, and head out. After a two hour nap and a shower I figured I’d be able to handle a little while downtown as the worst has yet to come. While driving wasn’t a challenge (but to my surprise) the hordes of people were an issue. My newfound hypersensitivity played a very unfortunate role as the passersby brought the smells of the comic-con hall out with them. I was hoping to meet up with friends but due to communication gaffes and my spiking a fever earlier than anticipated I was only able to meet up with one.

But all in all it was worth it. The night taught me there is no way I can go beyond a few miles from my home at night, and I most assuredly should not drive.

Sunday brought the return of my energy, a new metallic taste and volcanic diarrhea. I made the most of the burst of energy by attempting my normal workout routine, I cut my reps in half and toned down the weights but much to my surprise I managed an hour, guitar and videogames killed my mind for a few more hours while I debated what one thing I would do today. I knew I couldn’t risk over doing it again with my first day of work the next day so I hung out with a friend for a bit, Waggery (Waggery is a group of my best friends, we’ve known each other for a long time) invited me out to Islands, but the times didn’t work out as I’d already committed myself for the evenings events and also I hate Islands.

The most challenging thing so far is figuring out what I can and cannot do, because as inhibiting as the treatment is becoming, it still allows me to be able to have one choice per day. Trying too much could drain me, something I’m glad I realized early on.

Additionally I’m glad I was able to get in better physical shape before the treatment this time, it’s proven to be one of the best choices I’ve made in a while, and I’ve a good friend to thank for that. Her tenacity against the odds has been inspirational to me, and it’s brought me to a new goal.

Next May (2013) while I am still on treatment, I plan on participating in the American Liver Foundation's Liver Life Walk. It’s only a 5k, but while on treatment it may as well be a 25k. Also I want to do more than that; I want to raise ten thousand dollars. It sounds lofty, but given the amount of time I have, and how much I plan on hustling, I think I can do it.  I’m going to piece everything together and build the website for it come October.

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