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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday, it’s come and gone, sans coat.

This is Good Idea, Bad Idea. Little things I've learned so far about my treatment.

Good idea: Tylenol before injection.
Bad Idea: Aleve before injection.

Why? No clue. I’m no biochemist, but here’s the big difference I’ve noticed Tylenol not only packs a faster punch it also helps the quell the fever, while Aleve just makes you glad it’s processed in your spleen so there’s less pain in the liver.

Good Idea: Metamucil
Bad Idea: liquid Pep-to

The run down, pun intended: So Volcanic shits are these hot pyroclastic flows of fecal matter that erupt with only the warnings similar to a volcano…slight swelling and brief earthquakes. The liquid pepto, while calming the sick puffer-fish stomach, helps foster the rush. Much like a coal mine too close agitating the mountain.
Metamucil, twice a day, erryday. Give me all of your fiber. It makes the burning stop, and slows the flow, sometimes it’s solid!

Good Idea: Nuts and all the water
Bad Idea: not eating nuts

I’m not crazy, nuts are great. I’ve been snackin on Cashews, a decent about of fat, and other stuff. Whatever it stops the puffer-fish sometimes so that’s cool with me. Also water, I drink easily 200oz per day, I feel crappy if I don’t.

Good Idea: Thinking things through, and explaining your feelings when in rage mode
Bad Idea: What normally happens.

The emotional side effects can be devastating when not handled properly, typically RX occurs when a subject approaches depression. The first time i did this was hard, the mood swings were massive and no one i talked to could seem to understand what was happening, i fell into a depression. Instead of RXing it i slowly worked that shit out, and came to my current understanding. This helped dramatically when the second time came around i managed to avoid a lot of stupid shit that i would have done otherwise. Emotional side effects have just started to hit me in this go around (Wed 7/18/12) rage mode has no point, it starts from something, anything and becomes this monster that if it finds anyone latches onto them and directs the feeling at them. 


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