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Monday, December 17, 2012

Seven weeks out

It’s been near seven weeks since the treatment failed. I've been hearing lots of good news regarding prospective treatments.
While I’m changing up my diet to include more liver healthy foods, I've added supplements to encourage my overall health. And most importantly I’m keeping to a healthy daily exercise schedule.

I've gone through all of this shit to get my numbers down from nine million, I’d like to keep it low in hopes that my liver can do some serious regeneration.
Along that note, the last four weeks have been a unique trial. I suspected there would be lingering symptoms from the treatment but I had no idea that some would worsen.
The other day, when I was drying off from a shower I noticed some long hairs. I assumed that my cat sat on my warm laundry again, and dismissed it. As each day would pass I noticed more and more hair, sometimes even when running my fingers through it. I had recently gotten a haircut, so again I thought little of it. But as the weeks progressed I noticed it wasn't stopping, by four weeks time I’d begun to notice my hair was seriously thinning. To date, the thinning hasn't stopped, in fact I've noticed my hair thinning everywhere. If the trend continues I’ll be completely hairless in a years time. I do not look forward to this, it sounds very cold.

My skin took began to get drier and drier, in patches. The more anything came in contact with my skin the more likely it was to dry up and get brittle. Constant lotion for nearly a month has solved most of that issue, but it was alarming how weak my skin had become.
My vision is still readjusting, my eyes get tired easily and I've become more prone to headaches. I can’t take anything for the pain, if only to ensure my liver has minimal medications to deal with.
The best new thing about my compromised immune system is my inability to process food properly. I am now apparently allergic to spinach. Depending upon the time of day, if I drink milk, eat meat, or even some greens it causes me immense pain. Increased, and random, sensitivity to air particulates that some days at work, I just sit there and wait for it all to stop before I can get back to what I was doing. There have also been…serious colonic distress issues.
Some of it may have been as a direct result of constant food poisoning, but it has a lot to do with my body’s current state, compromised immune system and the medication slowly dissipating.

I’m sure some of you are wondering, constant food poisoning? Yes, the colonic distress has been such an issue that I sought medical advice, and that was their conclusion.

Doc: …Did you eat anything unusual prior to the event?
Me: I had a really good burrito.
Doc: And the second time?
Me: Was also after a burrito….
Doc: ...You may have an issue with your gallbladder... did you eat lunch today?
Me: Yea, around eleven.
Doc: Burrito?
Me: Yeah.
Doc: It’s really a weird coincidence, but maybe you should stay away from burritos.

But on to the good news!
There is a company here in San Diego, which does a very unique dialysis. Currently they perform the operation in India; last I’d heard it was around ten thousand dollars and four weeks long. Doing this would cost me my job and around twenty five thousand out of pocket.  It’s a lot of money, but if it works, it’s worth it. Luckily, I won’t have to risk that much. Recently they've been able to bring the time down to around a week, and they’re looking at replicating operations in the United States soon.
My hope is that they’re operational and FDA approved in the US by the time I can do my treatment.
The dialysis beforehand will not cure me, but it will “cleanse” my blood, making treatment easier. If the dialysis is not FDA approved, I imagine the cost being around twenty thousand for the week. But if improves my odds, It must be done.
The future looks good, however far away that may be. In the meantime it’s about staying healthy, and staying away from burritos.