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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sometimes you just need a happy song

As i approach the last two weeks of my treatment, the anticipation of my next blood test is one of reserved excitement, as in some ways, I've been here before.

During my last round of treatment (Sovaldi/Olysio) 
I took my six week blood test, 

On that same day the Yes! Album by Jason Mraz came out. It's not his greatest album, but it's timing, and it's message have become important to me. I quickly became a fan of the song 3 things

It spoke a lot to the struggle, and constant necessity of pushing forward and keeping a positive attitude. The following week I received news that I had my first undetectable viral load.

The excitement I felt, was matched by every illuminated face I told, my every smile I was met with, by every drop of joy that came out of the situation.

But it was premature. Not two months later I received a worrisome report regarding my last lab, shortly afterward the virus came back and hit me so hard my MELD score shot up in the high 20s, hanging out with my bilirubin levels at the time. While I was hospitalized due to my failing liver, I was notified of its resurgence. It was crushing, but it's about moving forward and when my bilirubin began to return to normal, I started Harvoni.

The song followed me throughout all of this, and I hope its lighthearted acoustic Graceland-esque sound speaks to you as it does to me.

This happy song reminds me of the importance of struggle, seeing through the darkness, and of routine when things seem to fall apart.

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