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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

If this title were a pattern it would be damask.

There is a long list of terrible health issues most doctors will tell you regarding the health factors of smoking cigarettes.

If the varieties of cancer, lung, heart, and throat problems sound terrible, there is one other organ that is constantly affected by smoke.

The liver. Smoking with liver disease isn't a good idea and dramatically raises your chances for liver cancer, but what about it's affects on other liver related issues?

For a time, i smoked cigars, not really realizing the full extent of the damage it was causing.
It's not hard to see that the liver would be adversely affected by smoking, as it filters your blood.

Assumptions are great, but it's better with facts.

The study looks at Cigarette smoking's affect on the liver, as well at its affect on a compromised liver (NAFLD/NASH)

Cigarette smoking, in the short term:

"...these results indicate that smoking does not cause acute effects on the liver."

Short exposure to cigarette smoke doesn't have a huge impact on the liver, which can imply that occasional/short exposure, to second hand smoke will have a similar result.

But what about the long run? 

"...These results show that (cigarette smoking) induces profibrogenic gene expression in the liver, yet does not induce liver fibrosis per se."

What the shit does this mean.

Well it means that cigarette smoking doesn't cause the fibrosis, but it can help fibrosis along if it already exists. So while i do not advocate smoking, and encourage quitting ASAP...

If you aren't cirrhotic( AKA are at F0 coming up on F1) you can slowly ease off smoking and it won't have much impact as if you were to cut it off cold turkey.

The F0-4(6 in some countries) indicates the level of liver fibrosis/cirrhosis in a liver.


No fibrosis

You should probably stop smoking.

Portal fibrosis without septa (mild)

You need to stop smoking.


Portal fibrosis with rare septa (moderate) If you haven't already, stop smoking, as you're now hindering your liver, and will result in faster liver damage.


Numerous septa without cirrhosis (severe) Don't smoke. see that shit up there^^ it's worse down here.



Don't smoke, risk not getting a transplant, smoking and alcohol can decrease your likelihood of getting a liver in time.

Additionally, as cigarette smoking is not typically accounted for in FDA approval(On page 5 are drug interactions for Harvoni) for liver RXs, there is no telling what odd side effects you may encounter.

If you've recently had a physical, blood work, or check up, i recommend this handy chart. (Usually blood work has normal ranges written in, but if you ever want clarification.)

Why would it's title be damask? because it's smokin'

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