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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Numbers and one last bottle.

This is the last bottle of pills of Harvoni I will take.

In 28 days i will be finished with my fifth (and hopefully final treatment.)

Over the course of my life i have spent One year, six months, two weeks, and three days undergoing a treatment for Hepatitis C(HCV) I will have spent 23 days in the hospital, for HCV related issues that either nearly killed me, or as of a result of complications, nearly killed me. I will have spent a total of 14 hours undergoing imaging, 8 hours under the knife (surgery), and had over 200 visits to the doc.

In 28 days, i will be finished with this treatment. In four weeks, i will be able to check the second 0 off my list, and all that's left is SVR 12 in August. With three 0s in a row i will be cured.

The side effects of Harvoni were nothing in comparison the my previous treatments. The ease of a oral once per day pill makes this treatment something i hope is readied for use for children with HCV soon. Presently the first treatment (Peg-Interferon+Ribavirin) i went on, is the one available to children save special cases.

With only 28 days left, This will probably be the longest month I've had in years.

In celebration, tomorrow I will be doing a vlog, as it's been a while since I've done one.

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