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Sunday, October 21, 2012

I saw Red

While the treatment warps my memories, and throws my emotions in to chaos, my body has decided that the  physical pain from the side effects of the treatment are not enough.

My esophageal varicies are at it again, i have no idea how or even why any more. Last month i was hospitalized for a bleed, i had an endoscopy performed, two weeks later i had another with no bleeding and everything looked fine.

and yet, here i sit, a week later finding myself in a similar situation to near a month ago.

It's like a time bomb, with no visible timer, it just ticks. Taunting me, reminding me that soon they'll pop and when i'm not attentive enough, i won't be able to react. I fear the treatment is worsening my varicies.

The problem is that now they'll need to up my RX for my beta blockers to combat the varicies, which means if i am allowed to remain on treatment i will have so little energy a full workday will not even be possible, let alone even driving there. 

If this latest bleeding episode turns out to be more varicies, there is a high likelihood that i will be forced to stop treatment, regardless the viral load.

So soon i will depart for my seaside villa in La Jolla, also known as the hospital.

No matter how bad it becomes, i hold steady to hope.

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