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Monday, December 8, 2014

Kanye knows

After a week of some of the most voracious ascities I've had yet, my feet finally look like feet. While on Harvoni i'm limited to a half dosage of my diuretics. I assumed this would be the case as they are the most likely drug interaction to cause an issue with...anything. seriously though. anything.

Reduce that swelling and Jaundice!

Diuretics, while fantastic at their job also purge the body of lots of other things, which is why caution applies to my continued taking of them while on Harvoni. But this situation I've been dealing with has been coupled by a newly growing side effect.

Being tired may not seem so bad, but as my 10 hour night, tack on 3 hours of naps, then 6 hours of naps. I can do even less in a day. I find myself constantly fighting off fatigue, it's odd, because the only way I've managed to fight it off is to keep moving. It's when I stop that I just fall asleep.
I know that bottle says "Side effects may include fatigue." but there really should be levels of fatigue. Because if i get past 20 hours of sleep a day, that's not fatigue that's hibernation. 

So if you see me doing some jumping jacks or random stretches while having a conversation, the fitness I'm into, is fitness energy back into my day.

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