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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Excuse me, miss.

Sometimes priorities seem strange. On Monday, in all my haste I took my medley of pills, but left an important one out.

All of my alarms set to the tune of Taylor Swift songs, and people reminding me didn't help. I'd even had it with me to make sure that if I'd stayed too long at the Christmas party I was attending, I'd have it.

(if you're curious why i set it to Taylor Swift songs, it's pretty simple. The songs i pick catch most people's attention, aren't offensive, are positive and upbeat, and they're really catchy.)

I had all of my pills in front of me, and I was momentarily distracted while taking them. With my memory being hazy, I left thinking I'd double checked. But today when I got home, I saw it sitting where I put the pills I'm about to take.

I missed a pill. I forgot to take my Harvoni.

In all my years, in all my treatments I've never missed one. I've been a touch late in taking a Ribavirin, but I underestimated my greatest enemy in this; myself. As the years progress, and my condition worsens I am glad that the treatments are getting easier, because routine will press upon me to forget. The benefit of habit and routine is doing something the same every day, and making it easier to remember.  And when it's important, those close to you ask  "did you take your pill?" my routine response is yes. Therein lies the trouble, that ease of memory is a double edged sword, as in my case.  Having a  generally foggy memory without lactulose doesn't help. Because when I thought back, I'd unintentionally created a false memory because of my routine answer. I remembered everything up to that pill, and everything afterward, and the circumstances were basically normal.

So what does that mean?

Well, I don't know, and really nor can anyone tell me. as there isn't enough data to show what happens when you do forget.
Turns out they don't want someone to intentionally forget a pill, when a potentially billion dollar study for FDA approval comes around.

As to what becomes of this missed dose, and how it will affect me, how I move forward... I'll keep you informed. In situations like this a little knowledge can mean writhing in pain, or walking upright. Sharing this knowledge is important. (While the info will be here, I will also be posting an exclusive comprehensive of this, related Harvoni info, and any results on HepMag before the solstice.)

As for tonight, I took my pill, and I sure as hell won't be missing another one.

Now, to Shake it off.

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