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Friday, June 13, 2014

The blue sky is where you imagine and clouds are the interceptions for the mind to fixate. The clouds are what is, but the blue sky is what has yet to be.

Recently, I came across a very familiar feeling quote from the great Claude Debussy.
   “Music is the silence between notes.” His reference to the negative space of things capturing the moments reminiscent of my view of living between seconds, this brought me to listen to more of his music again.

   If you haven’t heard (or heard of) Debussy, you have, because he’s one of the most influential composers in French history, and goddamn was he brilliant. Often I find myself finding solace and inspiration in music and film. Mediums that seek to exhaust the mind with so much information at once that you must listen, watch, repeat over and over again, each time discovering more beauty in it.
   Because of what you didn't notice before, the interesting thing about repetition is that it isn't hearing the same thing over and over again. Because each subsequent time you hear it, you've heard it before, it’s compounding. It’s shouting to you to listen between the notes, the words, the sounds. To see the negative space, and know that it’s more than just the potential but that it allows you to appreciate that imagery in front of you.
   So I implore you to listen to music over and over again, watch movies on repeat, not because you enjoyed it the first time, but because you’ll enjoy it more with each time. And listen/watch for that negative space, the gap between. If perhaps you’re unfamiliar with Debussy, or think you are, I've attached a few compositions of his.

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