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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day Six

As I approach day 6, I’m beginning to understand and deal with the side effects.

The most irritating so far, is the exhaustion. It appears to have amplified my deteriorating symptoms. The problem is, that I’m restless…I can’t sleep, and it’s harder to focus. To control the GI slip n slide, I can balance my lactulose to ensure that I don’t have a constant stream, or suffer the opposite. Both of which cause a decent deal of pain at this point. My sides ache and have more sharp pains than normal, it’s as if someone just walks by every so often and stabs me in the liver.

My senses are enhanced again, increased photosensitivity, and I couldn’t have imagined this one, my eyesight is improving a little.

My energy levels do come to near a normal level as I approach 8pm (when I take my RX) and rapidly descend until about 10pm.

I’m able to do more and more each day, which gives me hope, as I get used to the medication.

I wake up each morning with a throbbing headache; the photosensitivity makes what little light enters my room feel like spot lights illuminated targets for my irritated gaze. All of my senses are more enhanced, however nothing like past treatments, thank god. I’m just tired, a half hour or so will help me drag myself out of bed, unless I am woken by an unwelcome surprise. When that’s the case I sprint to the bathroom so fast the entire procedure wears me out so much I typically have to go back to sleep afterward. The treatment enhances the symptoms from my deteriorating liver, now preoccupied fighting at full steam. So balancing what I eat is more careful than I may make it seem at times. Hundreds of calories comprise my breakfast, as I will pass most of it; I have to hold on to what nutrients I can. I try and do as much excercise as i can, a few minutes of free-weights, 5lb and 10lb when i'm bold. It isn’t pleasant, it isn’t hell, it’s just constantly inconvenient. 

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