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Thursday, June 12, 2014


     As medical bills roll in from all directions,  billing offices often lump payments together. For instance, I had two MRIs, three months apart, they held off billing me for the first one until the second one came about. Meaning two $90.00 payments over three months becomes one $180.00 payment. This isn’t uncommon. It’s harder to pay a massive bill, rather than smaller bills over time. Another issue that commonly has come to my attention is double billing. Often a hospital or third party will knowingly double bill you on the assumption you don’t know how your coverage works. Ambulances, Labs and even tests in the hospital are billed to the patient when the real bill has already been paid.  I’ve had arguments with billing offices regarding this.

   But that is just an annoyance in the healthcare debacle. As for the goal of all of this…Treatment
It’s going well. Direct sunlight for extended periods of time gives me intense headaches, I go through waves of energy now, where I’ll be exhausted for hours, then fine for a little while. The sunlight does  help create the exhaustion. Only furthering the shift in my sleep schedule to prefer nights. My skin has dried out a lot, all kinds of advanced repairing lotions have become the norm, a few times a day. In order to help my energy levels and my overall health, I’ve made some changes in my diet. Greens, cheeses and lean meats now occupy most of my diet, essentially I’ve cut out most pork and beef (save for the occasional In-N-Out burger which also kills my sodium intake for about two days.) after eating most meals, I often feel bloated and full, a discomfort not encouraging my massive caloric intake requirements. Two weeks in, and I can easily say this treatment is so much easier than previous ones.

This is the lovely Prayer Blanket my Uncle’s church made for me. Thank you all very much St. Lukes Episcopal!

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