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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Not to be confused with invulnerability.

Last Friday I was offered a contract, after accepting it I spoke with my soon to be supervisor(s)… the next day the offer was rescinded. While that happened i did some searching, It took me a bit to figure out Cobra vs. the marketplace and how big of a financial impact this will have, but it’s not pretty.  On top of this I found out the treatment I’ve been hoping to take may not be for my Genotype…which means another year or so until I’d be able to start.

But hey...'tis but a scratch.
Thankfully I am still able to sub, and I love being back but obviously the circumstances are bittersweet.

As some of you know John Mayer is a favorite artist of mine. His discography has helped me gain perspective on many challenges, so I leave you with the song The Age of Worry.

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