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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy Holidays!

A great many events have happened this last fortnight. Chief among them being the termination of my probation contract, this of course followed directly by proper use of the word fortnight.
After returning from thanksgiving break I met with my supervisor and director for a follow-up evaluation. In summation I was told that my probationary contract had been terminated.. Things ended on a positive note however and they suggested I reapply.
A lot rushed through my head as I packed up my things, I’d never been terminated before, this felt horrid. I truly loved working there, the kids, families and staff were wonderful. I would have liked to say goodbye.
But here’s the big reason why I mention it here… it means that my plans for treatment in feb/mar are unlikely and that it could get pushed even further out.
Luckily thanks to a bizarre circumstance I’m in I will be able to get another contract within a few weeks. In the last week I’ve found help offered by so many dear friends. Thank you all. I don’t know what’s to become of my benefits and it’s unnerving.

As for treatment my hope now is may/june, but even then… we shall see what the future has in store.

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