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Friday, May 30, 2014

Precautions: take with food

Last night i took the big step forward and began my treatment, in contrast to treatments prior the meds are far friendlier, mt last treatment consisted of taking three ribivrin and three incivek twice a day, a touch inconvenient as the packaging came in pairs of sealed capsules which mean about an hour or preparation when you include everything for the shot once a week and the 20g of fat i had to eat prior to pills, these are once daily, one pill each, and take with food.
Some symptoms began to show about midnight last night, apparently the diuretics i'm on have decided to team up with my new meds, it does make me concerned. In the words of the Auralnauts' Bane "Regular bowel movements are but a bitter memory." if you don't get the reference just search Bane and Strawberries, and select the video labeled outtakes.

Writing this has consumed my waking moments of the day so far, the level of exhaustion is only multiplied by my less than optimal state. it's hard to tell the full scope of symptoms so early on.
But lets dial back to last night.
My parents made preparations as i'm staying there for the next few days. to ensure that if serious side effects manifest that i am en route to the hospital within minutes. my parents prepared a nice filling meal as i read the instructions, side effects and interactions to be sure i didn't miss a beat. After reading them an parsing them out to my weekly pillbox, i handed the instructions over to my girlfriend. She stayed the night with me, making sure i was okay. My little sister stopped by for a bit to check up on me and go over some things we were working on. Taking the meds for treatment was a huge relief on how anxious and worked up i'd been all week just waiting to start.

at my trip to the dentist i found out that i have a massive amount of newly formed cavities in the past two years. looking back at major events that could have caused this, we ultimately came to the conclusion that the prior treatment was the biggest catalyst. its troublesome not only because that's a costly endeavor, but because it makes me curious what other time bombs lay in wait from the incivek nightmare.

Other notes, thank you all for your warm wishes,texts, messages and hopeful prayers, and my uncle and his church for a gorgeous prayer blanket. the only word i can really come to about all of this is blessed. while i have always tried to keep a positive notion and to do good, whenever possible. I am only partly responsible for being surrounded by amazing and loving friends and family, it is also serendipitous and good fortune that helps bind the fabric as i dress for success.

Below are two links, the first is to my liver life walk, because you should totally come and join, but if you cannot, donations are always appreciated. the second link is our team shirts, if you use goodthreads(the company in the link) it donates five dollars to the American Liver Foundation, and our team Why Not Zoidberg? The reason i post our team shirts link is because... even if you're not running/walking, doesn't mean you're not on the team :)

the walk:  http://go.liverfoundation.org/site/TR/LiverLifeWalk2014/LiverLifeWalk?px=1796211&pg=personal&fr_id=4070

a word about the shirts... All you need to do, if you'd like to order through this site is select the shirt type (with the purple design on it), and click next step a few times until ordering. everything should automatically work.
The Design is IV, with the words Solvitur Ambulando beneath. Which means "It can be solved by walking"

the shirts! http://www.goodthreads.com/SharedDesign/Solviturabulando.design

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