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Friday, May 16, 2014

Exhaust fumes

This last week has proven very unique to all of us. San Diego’s Wildfire week shows us the necessity of good fire prevention. 2014’s wildfires, just as 2007’s firestorm prove to show the series variety and capacity of fire. 2k3 was a slow moving behemoth, which over the course of the week consumed east county to the 15, 2007’s firestorm was fast, ripping through tinder laden areas with high winds it created it’s own weather and created the largest mass evac in southern California history. 2014 was yet again a whole different monster. A series of wildfires threaten/ed homes all along san diego county, The most intense fire being the CoCos fire in the San Marcos/Escondido area. Each time, preparation was better and response/control achieved. The fires impact a lot of things, but this time around, most businesses have been open, functioning in slightly limited capacity. The issue for people with weakened immune system is probably what you assume. I picked up breathing masks and new filters. You may think the air quality is fine because it looks okay, you’d be wrong. Yesterday I made the mistake of removing my mask for an extended period of time outside, which helped produce the exhausted state I’m presently in, I’d forgotten my bandana and respirator, a mistake I won’t forget.

Respiratory issues are a big deal, and while you may find it silly some one’s wearing a mask, there’s probably a good reason.
Yesterday I had my doc’s appt. late again, packing up all of my meds, while smart for emergencies has helped make remembering to take them, more challenging. The doc cleared me to start pending my upcoming dental appointment and return MRI.
Doc also confirmed what I’d come to understand over the course of my years, my caloric intake should dwarf that of my peers. My body is essentially always sick, and it doesn’t hold on to most nutrients, it just expels them. Which means my average consumption of calories should be between 3,500 and 4,500.  While most of the time it’s pretty awesome not worry about the impact of the volume of food idea, the problem comes that I still have to watch sodium ideally under 1000mg, protein (40-60g) at the large amount of food. Turns out there aren’t a lot of things with low sodium, high protein and high calorie. Essentially by minimizing salt at home, I’ve successfully brought it below 2,000. Making sure my diet is tuned going into treatment is ideal, soas to minimize discomfort.
Back to the clearing for start, as of yesterday my official start date begins May 29th.  A little later than I would have preferred but fantastic news nonetheless, presently I have my new RX, so I could begin earlier but the MRI may produce an unwanted variable that could disrupt treatment. However this is highly unlikely.
Preparation for treatment requires some rather odd replacements. I have temporary replacement: Toothbrushes, nail clippers, razors, and other personal items, I must throw away my current ones (as they could reinfect me) and use new sets of everything each month. Stocking up on supplements, snacks and things I may need is also helpful, as I have no idea what condition I’ll be in.  Further research has shown me that i could develop a serious rash beyond typical headache, tiredness and the like.... and warns against mixing many supplements.
All in all, it looks like I’m well prepared and ready to start. In a little more than a month, we’ll be checking who wants T shirts soon, keep an eye on the event page on FB, or contact me directly via FB or canythingbutaverage@gmail.com

Please join, it would be amazing to have a group of near 50 walkers! :D right now we’re at about 30.

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