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Monday, September 3, 2012


This weekend brought a little more adventure than I was prepared for. In terms of my treatment I learned a few key points.
-take the correct amount of pills, 20 minutes after 20g of fat, otherwise… you’re gonna have a bad time.

This brings me to the key mistakes I made this weekend that brought a little more adventure than I’d have preferred. On Friday night I accidently look an additional Incivek, which is the ‘irritates the hell out of your colon’ pill, this made the next about twenty hours a balancing act. And by balancing I mean taking lots of Metamucil and drinking more water than normal to minimize the pain. You’d think that the next morning when I took one less, that it would figure itself out… Nope. Not these pills, these ones are jerks.

Another key element to the pills is the 20g of fat, and waiting 20 min. This Monday morning I apparently decided that waiting is for suckas. A manner of minute or so after eating some of my fat requirement, I took my pills with milk.

(The neat thing about taking Propanalol with milk is that it dissolves faster than it does when taking it with water. It tastes like slapping your tongue with a freshly caught albacore. My face quickly explained the terrible mistake I’d made to any nearby.)

Within about five minutes after taking my meds I had flashbacks to when I first started this treatment. And now everything tastes like its coated in a metallic milk… This treatment is so weird.

The treatment also has deeper psychological ramifications. The challenge of the treatment is election, because I have to look at my pills, and syringe, and know that what I’m about to do is hurt myself. Yes, in the long run it’s worth it. But right now, the very idea that each time I prick myself with a needle, it’s going to feel like I punched myself in the leg for a few weeks, and each week stack the bruises. On top every other symptom. The reality that I elect to cause this pain drives strange emotions which are in turn amplified by the treatment itself.

In the long run, it’ll be worth it. J But for now it’s about struggling through it.


i'd like to say thank you to those who joined in and took a shot with me on the 31st! I have a good mess of pictures and video. :) Thank you all for your ever growing love and support! 

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