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Friday, March 11, 2016

Some Things Considered

I am an outlier,

But I am happy.

Treatment to cure is every person with Hep C's goal. When things get closer to the end it can consume us to find the keys to the locked exit doors. Even in my early 20s I gave up hope when Int/Riba failed, I grasped at straws and took the treatment again with a higher dosage.

That grasping, failing, created my first RAV, I had a q80k polymorphism. Failing a treatment is not simply continuing to have HCV but it also bears the risk of creating mutations, RAVs. 
So after failing Int/Rib/Incivek, Sovaldi/Olysio, Harvoni... I now have three mutations, RAVs.

I am an outlier, but one or two RAVs is common among experienced patients.

Zepatier, the drug i've been waiting for had a contradiction I was worried about. While previously I was unsure my Child-Pugh score; I confirmed that it is only A. Which means it shouldn't be as hard to get access to the meds.
Daklinza/Sovaldi/Olysio/Riba is another contender.

(to make things even more complicated, the existence of RAVs from a previous treatment does not indicate that the treatment will or will not necessarily fail)

Well....fuck.  There isn't enough longitudinal data for my situation on these meds to make the best decision. Why? Because breakthrough medications often lack the studies their non-breakthrough partners have at date of FDA approval.  Breakthrough therapies are not about the results, they're about maximizing the amount of time the patent is most profitable.

Zepatier will undoubtedly change the conversation about Hep C meds due to its lower price point and high efficacy in smaller groups as well as across Genotype 1 and 4.  I fear that this low price point will drive a "consumer's" choice in treatment. 

(Insurance agencies, Healthcare groups and Pharma companies make the real choice between medications before you even see em... which means 1/3 of the people deciding  give a shit about the patient. Fucking Trident has more support from leading dentists.) 

There are many combinations of Hep C meds for many different cases, each one with different efficacies. (Sovaldi ranges from 84-96% depending on subtype.)

The best drug/therapy to treat should be set by relative efficacy, not by price.
That being said, my condition is stable, I don't seem to be getting worse, nor am I getting better. If I keep up the healthy changes I've been making I may be able to stay where I am for a few years yet.

The key now is choosing the best treatment, which means waiting for more data. Thankfully the EASL (aka the International Liver Conference) is coming up next month, so we should have more information in the coming months.

In the meantime later this month I'll be making a trip to Portland and Seattle. Making stops in San Francisco, and Sacramento.
If you're along the route, ping me! 

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