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Monday, February 22, 2016

Zepatier Part Ugh

Olysio, Sovaldi, and Harvoni

I have spent the better part of this past month re-writing this post, and on March 11, i will find out much more.
Because I legitimately don't know how to properly convey my despair and disappointment and fear at what will soon unfold.
I had been eagerly awaiting the release of Zepatier,  the announcement last month was terribly exciting.
Zepatier is a Hep C drug that deals with NS5A resistance,has a very high success rate, and is almost half the price of the leading treatments Harvoni and Sovaldi.

It's amazing, and it has shown to work very well in other harder to treat cases.

The drug has one small hitch.
Well, i think it kinda sucks like... a lot.

The contraindication does have a rationale beneath it.
In 1% of cases ALT levels raised 5X within in the first 8 weeks, Clearly, an indicative factor of a problem.

Unless it isn't.
Which it isn't.
Most instances self corrected soon after:

In fact the contraindication seems odd considering the big new DAAs carried no such contraindication:

So... Now it's time to figure out how the hell I get this drug, because I suspect this will be my last treatment. success or failure.
Further research should show it's true efficacy, which i feel will reflect poorly on Zepatier if the drug is prioritized because of its price-point rather than it's efficacy.

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  1. Hi Rick,
    So if I understand your Health Care is not going to agree on prescription?
    Well then let's put in precise facts and figures and start a crowd funding campaign.
    Is it allready available? What best options are there to get it?
    I guess you'd need medical supervision. Is your doctor willing to do that? Will your Health Care allow for supervision in a situation where the patient is bringing his own medicines?
    Since I'm from the Netherlands I am not familiar with all ins and outs of the American system.
    But there are numerous examples of funding campaigns that have been successful so I'd say let's have it a go.