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Friday, November 7, 2014


As my bilirubin stabilizes i'll have another update next week. I see my doc today, and if all goes well i'll be well on the way to limbo number 5. How low can it go? Lets break the floor.

In the spirit of waiting, sometimes i have vision, not blind yet, so i wrote a slam.

Hep See.

A general malaise, passing the days, as they slip into a haze, as the days fade one to the other, there was a birthday there, my mother, my father, my brother, too many to keep track, I'll watch my back the counts rise, perspective and realize I'm frozen here, it's not fear it's self mutilation, thanks to a mutation, I won't evolve, can't be solved I drop into small statistics, I'll go ballistic if I can't, a reason to reason reason in this constant change of season. what's the weather like?  What's with the forecast, vials drawn together, never fast,  they ask me how I'm doing, you've got eyes, that's my reply it's painted in gold letter on my goddamn forehead, I'm heavy this shit's like lead.  Another letter in the mail, six months and a million dollars, k? Do I even have a choice?  If I'm weak they're my voice. I'll sit this one out, couldn't stand the doubt, my spirit's lite, my mind adrift, salt of the earth not here, I'm lost at sea practicing the alphabet and I'm stuck after just be.

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