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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My meta(four)ic movie treatment

Today is not my last day of treatment.
My blood panel last week did not include viral load, as I'd hoped, so I anxiously approach Thursday, the day of my final blood test. and Friday, the day I'll get my results.

Today, I will no longer be taking the RX for my treatment. But since the zero happened my body has begun an entirely different process.
Let's go through the film of my history with HCV to see where I am presently, shall we?

Act 1
Set up: Born, happy health baby grows up pretty normal until middle school, finds out about plot.
intro scene: C-section, birth complications but ultimately born a 10. (set stage for resiliency from complications)
Plot point 1: Doctor's visit, Hep C introduced as main antagonist.
Act 2
Mopey teen, goes through ordinary teen things with added twist of lack of motivation slowly becomes more and more positive finds motivation in relationships with friends.
Plot point 2: Begins first treatment, hope is crushed, engagement fails, low point.
Act 3.
Finds new purpose in rebuilding, fosters the relationships lost contact with. grows physically and emotionally.
Plot Point 3a: Second failure.
Doesn't lose as much steam refocuses same as previously growing more, setbacks appear but worsening symptoms dwarf setbacks.
rebuild again, better than before.
Plot point 3b. hospitalization and worst near death event yet. failure of third treatment.
Act 4.
Symptoms worsen, hope carries forward. even closer relationship with friends and family. epiphany and motivations, struggle against the final symptoms indicating am HCV liver transplant is imminent.
New doctor, new RX, new attitude the realization that I can't do this alone, and that I'm not alone.
Plot Point 4: RX combats the worsening symptoms, treatment brings the first zero.

And now we're here. in the second half of that turning point. the crucial climax approaching. I have one zero, I need two more. With my Tic Tac Toe, I'll be cured. and thus the final climax of my HCV movie life will be complete. The falling action from there, will be the MRI, the tests and the healing process over the next two to five years.  the conclusion is one of those trail off dramatic endings when a bartender asks me if I'd like a drink, and I, holding back a proud laugh, smiling say "Sure, one drink won't kill me."

What I'd like to avoid is what movies have been doing lately.
A sequel. The problem is that my likelihood for that is high, due to my increased risk of liver cancer.

So when I say today is not my last day of treatment, I mean that there is much left to do. While this chapter ends, each time I test my viral load, will determine if this movie has a happy ending, or just one of those happysad endings.

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