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Friday, July 11, 2014

Heh, Joke's in the end.

Oy! has it been a while since I've written a blog entry, well as you'd expect I've been a bit busy up until today. Independence day was festive and fun, I managed to spend some time "in the sun" albeit it was wearing a heavy coat of sunscreen under an umbrella and fairly covered up most of the time, but still!
I must say, exhaustion is still the biggest issue I deal with as a side effect of this treatment.
I came upon an old favorite, one I suspect came out of a very long day for me. A few hours in sun/shade and a going on 14 hours, I was more than exhausted. I began to get emotional over small things, it became overwhelming even really talking with people. I'd felt social anxiety issues from treatments past, but I didn't expect this. I suspect it had to do with pushing myself, but it was hard to hold back tears as I sat in semi-isolation.
Luckily for me, I've gone through worse. I learned to put on a mask when I was in treatment and working with kids. I couldn't let them see the worthless rage, the irreverent despair and the dashes of utter panic. So that night I swallowed my sadness for the time being, and kept on.
I've been trying to do more of a regular daily schedule, so far it's been rough. I've lost a lot of motivation, for seemingly no reason. I suspect my encephalopathy is beginning to return. My ascites are slow to return, but still here, so back on my balanced meds I go.  I am writing this, not having taking those meds in about two weeks now. So if my sentence structure seems more disjointed, it's no surprise why.
In exciting news, I've been featured on Hepmag, and I've got a few blog entries up, also mystory should be up soon! So if you'd like some more back-story to my history of having HCV, it's a decent bit of reading.

Last night put me at the 6 week point! I'M HALFWAY THERE!!!! Bon Jovi understands.

I also took my blood test yesterday. When you've had your blood drawn as often as i have you know the drill, luckily I'm the easiest stick any lab tech or  nurse could ask for. So long as I'm decently hydrated, my veins are visible from six feet away. 

So when I get a shitting stick, it pisses me off a little. ESPECIALLY when the prick (hehe) happens to stick the needle in, THEN MOVED, HE FUCKING MOVED THE NEEDLE. WHY, WHY, WHY? The trouble is, having done this literally a hundred times before I know a bad entry. He knew what he was doing, not sure why he had to be an asshole.  They'll be giving me my viral load on this test, I may know as early as this evening!
Punctual as always, the last few days have seen a resurgence of pain in my sides. at one point in time it almost felt like it was in my appendix. At least the pain wasn't in my index, a broken finger makes everything hurt when you touch it. My colon on the other hand hasn't been seeing the levels of distress it's been used to, it's odd to have blood in that region when you don't have a period.

Hopefully, this life sentence of HepC will see a break yet.  

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