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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ticks and Tocks

A lot of crazy medical stuff has been going on but first i feel happy, and i must share why.

In our lives we find struggles, we find hurdles. Sometimes our legs don't jump just high enough. It's not the best, but there is providence in struggle. In our lives we encounter enemies that will crush a soul, an arm, an idea, a smile.  It takes more energy to recover what was crushed, but it's sweeter. To those who struggle, enjoy the story, the ride, the journey, the crescendo. We live between seconds, and we will always have just enough time. Life; love, sadness, pain, joy, anger happen to sweeten each next piece until a perfect end.

I have recently come to terms with the fact that I'm not as physically able as i once was. I get tired after a few hours of day to day things. I've finally found a balance of supplements that's working well, my new doc gave me some info that helped a lot. The downside to getting rid of acitites is the process. it's tripled my trips to the bathroom, and drains me of lots of nutrients. My muscles can't operate properly and they seize, the problem is that it now happens anywhere.  My metabolism was already on constant eating or pass out mode, this just made it worse. i am tired and worn out so much easier. My solution is 750mg Mg 500mg K 40+g Protein, >200mg Na, 300-500 calories per hour, 8 oz water per hour, and two low stress 20 min exercise routines. high iron, minimal red meat, and a ludicrous number of Bananas. with that, i have days that work, i can function. 
i have done blood tests, ECG, a urine sample where i peed in jug for a whole day... still don't get that...MRIs, Endoscopies and I'm up for EKG and a few other tests it seems before i can start. Being cured is that goal i strive for, this process has been sped up tremendously with help from my family, my fantastic doc and staff as well as some of the best Health Advocates I've encountered. But the whole wait of it, i will savor. i find joy within ticks and tocks, because it reminds me to experience what lies between them.

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